Fabletics Saga Part 2: Outfit Review

Fabletics Leggings 1

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Hey everyone, hope your week has gotten off to a superb start!

Did you read my scathing review of the Fabletics ordering process and delivery?  If so, then you know I promised a review of the actual product once I finally received it.  If not (you can read it here), it was a nightmare from the deepest pits of Hell.  Every last bit of it.

So, it took EIGHTEEN DAYS, three phone calls to Fabletics, two calls to FedEx, navigating menus, and lots of headaches- just to receive the right product.  And that’s with their so-called “rush” shipping.  Arrrrggghhh…!!  However, part of that is due to the fact that they use FedEx, which sucks, and there are no other options available.

My “rush” shipment kept getting delayed, repeatedly, over the course of three days.  I would log in to the FedEx Site for tracking, note the delivery date was the current date, yet it would not be delivered.  Then an hour or so later, I would see that it was delayed.  Again and again.  This took longer than the regular “Smartpost” shipping would have taken.  Unfortunately, this is about par for the course with FedEx- I may have to do a separate blog post just about FedEx, as there is nothing “express” about them!


Apparently, the weather was affecting FedEx deliveries.   But ONLY FedEx, not UPS or USPS- I received shipments from both, from the same region, in the same period of time, with no issues.  I imagine there was some sort of storm cloud hovering around the FedEx trucks, following them around, but not over the other companies’ trucks.

Dragon Fit sports bra

Dragon Fit sports bra, available on Amazon

Dragon Fit Sports Bra 2

In the first shipment, where Fabletics sent me someone else’s order (someone very tiny), the capri leggings seemed to be of decent quality, but there was no way I would have been able to tell how they fit just from looking at them.  The Fabiana top, while super cute, was very thin and cheap feeling.  The two sports bras, the Camilla and Maeve (see them here), were also extremely cheap feeling and not great quality- definitely not worth the regular price.

Braufactum sports bra from Amazon Prime

Braufactum sports bra from Amazon Prime

These pieces were all made in China, which is fine, but if you want sports bras made in China, there are some that are FAR better quality, for much less- such as the sports bras from Braufactum and Dragon Fit, available on Amazon Prime, for WAY cheaper (and you get them in TWO days!).  Due to the quality of these items, I was pretty concerned about the items I actually did order.  Would they suck just as much?

Fabletics Megan seamless pullover

Fabletics Megan seamless pullover

Fabletics Pullover 2

I got the Jeannette leggings and Megan seamless pullover (together they made up an outfit called “Catherine,” all the names make it kind of confusing).  I was pleasantly surprised- the quality of the pullover was much better than the Fabiana top- it had a decent thickness, and was made of a moisture-wicking fabric.  I’m not going to lie, I also liked the thumb slits, they made it easier to keep the sleeves in place while I was on my run.

Fabletics Pullover 3

The leggings were awesome- I got a size Medium, which provided light compression.  I didn’t realize I could order a long length, which in hindsight, I would have done.  I’m nearly 5’10”, so the regular length isn’t quite long enough for me.  These seem to be well made, but not quite as much so as other brands at comparable prices.  If you only pay the “VIP” price, though, they’re definitely worth it.

Fabletics Leggings 2 Fabletics Leggings 3

Both pieces performed very well on several long-distance runs, as well as a few workouts (weights, isometrics, plyo, etc.).  They seemed to fare well through the laundry, being washed inside-out on cold, and laid flat to air dry.  The outfit was very comfortable, and I’m quite happy with it.  The worst thing about the outfit itself is that since it took SO long to get to me, I won’t get to wear it much since the weather is warming back up!  So, were the clothes worth all the headaches?

Fabletics Outift 1

That depends.  If you’re in a hurry, forget about it, don’t waste your time or money.  If you’re unsure of sizing, allow LOTS of extra time in case you need to do an exchange.  The bras are definitely NOT worth the money, at least not the ones they sent to me.  The Fabiana top was cute, but it probably wouldn’t stand up to a hardcore workout or run.  Maybe light yoga, but it’s best for casual wear.

The Salar leggings (mine were the “Jeannette” in Cirrus print, with mesh) were the stand-out product from Fabletics.  They stay up, they don’t fall down, and they hug my body perfectly. They easily pass the “squat test,” and they’re not see-through. I would definitely wear more of these.

The “quiz” is actually quite helpful, so I can be matched to clothes that are sturdier and fit my needs for running and weightlifting as opposed to lighter activities like yoga.  I actually got on Jerry’s computer, and answered differently, and got different suggestions.  Since you don’t have to be a VIP, or enter any payment info, I would encourage you to take the quick quiz (just a few seconds) to see what outfits it picks out for you- it’s kind of fun!  (Click here to take the quiz.)

I’m just not sure if I want to go through the long wait again, especially with FedEx being the only option.  I’ve checked on eBay, and have several Fabletics items on my “watch” list, but the prices to get Fabletics new on eBay are as much as the VIP prices directly from the brand.  If they decide to offer other shipping methods, I’ll be 90% more likely to keep ordering directly from Fabletics.

If you want to be in the brand’s “VIP” program, though, then the prices you’ll pay are well worth it, for the Salar leggings, anyway.  I have not cancelled my “VIP” yet, I remain hopeful that they’ll add more shipping options.  I also know they have VIP-only sales, so I will be able to pick up more leggings at low prices, I just need to remember not to be in a hurry…lol!

My friend Courtney, the one who suggested Fabletics to me, has never had ANY problems.  She orders something almost every month, and nothing has ever been late.  Another friend hasn’t had any problems, either, but she doesn’t order much- she usually just skips each month so she doesn’t have to pay anything.

I’d love to hear about more great experiences with Fabletics, so if you love the brand, let me know!  If you’d like to try them out and get TWO pairs of leggings for just $24click here to take the short quiz, NO OBLIGATION, NO PAYMENT INFO NEEDED!

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