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Hey all!  Are you ready for the warmer weather?  I am SO excited about summer coming- despite being an Eskimo and the cuteness of my mukluks, I much prefer my flip-flops!

The only bad think about summer is that like the cold winter, any kind of extreme weather can be brutal on our skin.  In the summer, I spend a lot more time outdoors, too, where the UV rays really intensify skin aging.  Arrrgghhh…!  I don’t wanna age gracefully!!!  So, what’s a girl to do?

Protecting our skin from the harsh elements and harmful UV rays is a must.  We can also eat skin-loving healthy foods, and use high-quality skincare products.  One of the brands I trust the most is Exuviance (along with its sister brand, NeoStrata), as the products have amazing formulations. Why are they so amazing?

Exuviance was founded by renowned Drs. Van Scot and Yu, the original patent-holders of the glycolic (“lunchtime”) peel.  The pair went even further into their research, and brought us polyhydroxy acids (PHAs), which are less irritating forms of AHAs.  So, their products are scientifically-proven to work, and most of them are safe for even sensitive skin, like mine.  Win!!

I hope you saw our previous posts on Exuviance products, especially the one about the HA100 Micro-Filler, which is a new (and super fab!) wrinkle filling kit (read about it here).  Well, if you’d like to up your antiaging game, as if the HA100 weren’t enough…lol, then you should seriously consider adding the brand’s Age Reverse HydraFirm to your routine!

I was very fortunate in that Exuviance sent me their Age Reverse HydraFirm to review and share with you.  I’d heard great things about the product from my friends at Ulta, but strangely enough, had never tried it myself.

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Age Reverse HydraFirm is a luxurious cream that was formulated to target all visible signs of aging- such as wrinkles, texture, and loss of firmness, while providing optimal hydration levels.  At the skin’s surface, hyaluronic acid acts like a moisture sponge to quench dryness, while Prodew infuses the skin with amino acid building blocks to restore youthful plumping moisture.  Skin is left strengthened, noticeably cushioned, and less susceptible to dryness (NeoStrata, n.d.).

The brand’s patented triple firming complex of Maltobionic Acid, NeoGlucosamine, and Matrixyl Peptides target collagen to help plump and fill skin, making it appear firmer and lifted.  The addition of potent antioxidants helps to prevent damage from daily environmental stressors (NeoStrata, n.d.).

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Age Reverse HydraFirm is housed in a sleek, light green pump bottle. The bottle not only keeps the product safe from air exposure and degradation, but it also keeps bacteria out.  Plus, I love that the style of pump makes it super easy to use, it’s wide rather than really skinny, and it’s also a breeze to dispense just the right amount.

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The light green cream has a mild, fresh scent.  It’s not heavy, and it dissipates quickly, so no worries if you’re sensitive to fragrance.  The texture is kind of like a gel cream, so it’s thick, but not overly heavy- so unlike a balm, it doesn’t feel like it’s “suffocating” my skin.  Even though I have oily/combo skin, this is easy to spread, and absorbs quickly.

The cream felt slightly tacky when I used it over an essence from another brand, but without the essence, there was no stickiness at all.  I tried it with other skincare products, and had no issues, no balling or any tackiness.  It wears well with other skincare products as well as under makeup.

Having oily skin, I have to moisturize, or my skin will over-produce oil.  Products that are too rich are often too heavy, and clog my pores, cause breakouts, or result in greasiness.  If a product is too light, then I end up with more oil production.  The HydraFirm is in the “Goldilocks” range, it’s just right- it’s VERY hydrating, but no problems with greasy heaviness.

HydraFirm really does a fantastic job of keeping my skin hydrated and soft.  It may be a bit too hydrating during the day in the sweatier, summer months, but for now, it’s great both day and night.  I love waking up with plumped lines, and being able to maintain the hydration during the day.

If you want a fantastic moisturizer that provides lasting hydration and skin-loving nutrients, check out Exuviance Age Reverse HydraFirm at Exuviance.com, and get your glow on!

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NeoStrata (n.d.). Age Reverse HydraFirm. NeoStrata Company, Inc. Retrieved March 14, 2018, from www.exuviance.com.

Exuviance Free Shipping & 3 Free Samples on orders over $75

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