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The problem with so many products marketed to clear your skin is that they are very harsh and drying. The thing that attracted me to Evologie is their gentle, hydrating ingredients. According to the company, this cleanser is an advanced deep-cleansing formula that dissolves impurities and washes away bacteria, all without drying the skin (Evologie, 2015).

The problem with harsh products is that they dry the skin too much, which will actually increase oil production, and make the situation worse. Evologie’s Stay Clear Cleanser utilizes the company’s proprietary YS3 Complex, which consists of azelaic acid, arginine, salicylic acid, lycopene, chamomilla flower extract, and honey extract (Evologie, 2015).

Salicylic acid, derived from willow bark, helps break down keratin and removes damaged skin cells. Arginine provides deep moisture for smoother, healthier skin. Lycopene is a powerful anti-oxidant that reduces oxidative damage. Honey and chamomilla flower extracts soothe irritation and calm the skin (Evologie, 2015).

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When I tried the cleanser, it’s definitely gentle, and definitely effective. It doesn’t foam a lot, so I know there aren’t any harsh ingredients. It rinsed away easily, and left my skin very clean, without feeling tight or stripped. As always, if you’re wearing a lot of makeup, I recommend doing a pre-cleanse. For those of you who are sensitive to fragrance, this is perfect- it has the faintest natural scent, but you really have to breathe in deeply to smell it.

If you want a gentle, yet very effective cleanser for problematic skin, you should definitely try this!

Evologie Stay Clear Cleanser is available at SpaceNK, Bloomingdale’s, Birchbox, and Evologie.com.

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