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With Vitamin C being one of the most effective anti-aging skincare ingredients with a plethora of research to back it up, I was pleased to have the opportunity to evaluate Essa Vita C Whip, a whipped Vitamin C serum moisturizer.

I must admit, one of the things that intrigued me the most, other than the Vitamin C, is the innovative and unique “whipped” nature of the product. But first, let’s start with the ingredients. Essa Vita C Whip contains Vitamin C ester, combined with a patented QuSomes delivery system to ensure your skin gets the maximum benefits.

Hyaluronic acid, organic aloe extract, and Vitamin E provide hydration, nutrients, and healing benefits. Additionally, retinyl palmitate, a mild retinoid, helps to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and reveal a healthy, youthful glow. The formula also includes Inflacin, a natural anti-inflammatory that helps calm the skin. Together, these ingredients purportedly result in happy, calm, well-nourished skin.


Essa Vita C Whip is housed in a sleek, thick glass pump bottle with an attractive, easy to read label. The formula itself truly is a “whipped” consistency. It reminds me of ice cream that’s starting to melt, minus the cold and stickiness…lol! You get the best of both worlds, the fluffiness of a cream, but the light texture of a serum. So, your skin feels moisturized without the heaviness.

As a blogger, I pride myself in honesty, and the only negative I can think of is that the bottle is frosted clear. Essa Vita C Whip contains some fantastic antioxidants, but products with antioxidants should be packaged to minimize exposure to air and light to prevent degradation, which can result in the ingredients becoming unstable and being rendered ineffective (Kaur, Kapila & Agrawal, 2007). That being said, the bottle is not a deal-breaker with this particular product.

The active ingredients in Essa Vita C Whip have been encapsulated in a patented delivery system in order to maintain effectiveness. Furthermore, the label covers almost the entire bottle, so very little is exposed to light. The pump bottle also prevents exposure to air, and provides for convenient use without contamination or exposure to germs.


Essa Vita C Whip has a very light fresh scent. I happen to love fragrance in skincare products, but I know many people don’t. Those who are sensitive should have no problems with this because the scent is so light that it’s barely discernible, and it dissipates quickly. Nevertheless, it’s the perfect compromise for those who do and those who don’t like fragrant skincare products.

The product has such a light texture that it’s very easy to spread, and is readily absorbed. After applying, my skin felt dewy for a few seconds, then as it completely sinks in, my skin was incredibly smooth. I didn’t even have to use a primer for makeup to go on smoothly, so this is a great multi-tasker. If you’d like a superb Vitamin C product that contains other benefits and works for all skin types, you should check out Essa Vita C Whip at!


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