Eau Thermale Avene Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream

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Avene Cicalfate is recommended for sensitive and fragile skin, including infants and children.  While it doesn’t contain any ingredients for anti-aging per se, it does contain ingredients to help soothe and protect the skin.  This cream is also frequently recommended following cosmetic and dermatological procedures, such as lasers and peels.

When I first started using Retin-A, my skin was peeling and very irritated, so I tried this on the recommendation of another Retin-A user.  I have since also used this following 70% glycolic peels, and after dermapen treatments.  This has done a fantastic job of soothing my skin.  As a matter of fact, my other half burned his hand severely when cooking.  He forgot to put on an oven mitt, and grabbed a pan directly from the oven, with his bare hand.  He had a second-degree burn on his palm, and held it under cold water for a few minutes.  Following that, he applied this cream several times a day.  The burn never blistered at all.  Within a week, it was nearly healed, with just a tiny bit of peeling.  (I’m not saying you should go burn yourself- that would be really, really stupid.  This just happened to work for him.  So, don’t try this at home, kiddos!)

I also tossed this into my travel bag when we went on vacation to the beach.  After getting sunburned (yes, we used sunblock), we used this cream.  We were able to get right back out the next day, while the others could not.  Again, this isn’t license to do something irresponsible.  I am merely trying to demonstrate that if it is that effective on more severe issues, just think of how great it could be for slightly irritated skin!

The main ingredients are zinc, copper, and, strangely enough, sucralfate.  Oral sucralfate (tablet form) is what I was once prescribed by a doctor for acid reflux.  Well, no wonder this stuff is so damn soothing!   After seeing first-hand results of how great Avene Cicalfate is, I will always keep a tube on hand.

Eau Thermale Avene Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream retails for $28.00 for 1.35 oz.

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Avéne USA

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