Easy Contouring with Tarteist Contour Palette


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Tarteist Contour Palette 2

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This palette is all Jerry’s fault. I kid you not, no lie, it really is.  And it’s absolutely AMAZING.  So, grab yourself a glass of wine (or some yucky kale juice, if you must), and check out the video below (don’t forget to give us a “thumbs up”).  No time for a video?  Just keep on reading!  (And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel here!)


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I was looking for a yellowish powder to take the place of the one in my Kat Von D Shade Light palette, because mine is running pretty low.  I know, sad, right…?  Well, Jerry thought it was a better deal to get another palette rather than just one color, so I decided on the Anastasia contour palette since it was refillable.  Then we saw the Tarte palette.  Shiny, sparkly, golden Tarte palette.  IT MUST BE MINE.

Tarteist Contour Palette 1


To be honest, after using the Kat Von D palette, and hearing such rave things about it, along with the Anastasia palette, I really thought the Tarte palette would be just “pretty.”  I was wrong.  So, so, so very wrong.  The Tarteist Contour Palette performs like an absolute dream.  The colors are very pigmented, and blend SO easily.  Omg, you need to go get this!

Tarteist Contour Palette 3

If you’re a beginner, they even include a little pamphlet with instructions and diagrams regarding how to use the palette.  On top of the ease of use, the palette contains six shades, so it’s a great deal at $45.00.  You can get it from Tarte, just click here or on the banner above or below!

Shop tarte's Best Sellers and receive Free Samples plus, Free Shipping on $40+
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