Dream Spa 36-Spray Shower

Dream Spa 1


You’re reviewing a shower, Renee’? Why yes, I sure am!

I often color my hair at home if I’m just doing a single, all over color. The problem is that I use dark colors, I have long, thick hair, and I’m messy. Combine these factors with having a small, shallow sink, and it’s a recipe for disaster when rinsing out the color.

So, I have to rinse my color out in the shower. The problem is that we have one of those big “rain” shower heads, and it’s difficult to get all the color rinsed out. At the sink, we at least have a hand-spray nozzle which makes it easier to rinse where I need to.

I’ve been keeping an eye out for shower heads that will work for rinsing out hair color, and I’ve found several possibilities. One of them is the Dream Spa Ultra Luxury 3-Way Multi Shower from ipShowers. This 36-spray shower head also comes with a hand nozzle that can be detached and used to rinse any area I want, including the underside of my hair!!!!

The cool thing about the Dream Spa is that each shower can be used separately, or they can be used together. There are also 36 full and combined water flow patterns; 7 settings, including pulsating massage, power rain, eco-rain, hydro-mist, rain/mist, rain/massage, and pause. Furthermore, the 5-foot super flexible hose will make rinsing my color out a breeze!

I was pretty excited to try out this new shower, and I really liked playing with all the different settings. The one thing I would change is to make the main part a bit larger in diameter, so it’s more like my rain shower. But, the smaller size is a welcome trade for being able to have the hand piece, as I was able to rinse my hair so much faster than before!

Interested? Check it out at ipshowers.com.