Doucce Cosmetics Ultra Precision Eyeliner


I had never heard of this brand until I received this liner in a subscription box.  I’m glad this was in there!  According to Doucce’s website, this is a waterproof formula with a creamy texture that purportedly maintains its tip shape.  You can achieve a soft, precise, lasting application with this pencil eyeliner.

I had my reservations about this product, especially since I had never heard of the brand.  I was also unsure about the claim that it will maintain its shape.  My fears proved to be unfounded, though.  While this isn’t quite as black as Urban Decay’s liner, it went on so smoothly.  I have never used an eyeliner that was this smooth.  It literally glided on, with absolutely no drag whatsoever.  I usually don’t use eyeliner or mascara on my lower lids, especially this time of year, due to allergies.  But, for the sake of this review, I lined my lower water line.  It’s now going on five hours, it’s still there, no touch-ups.  And guess what?  The tip still looks the same!

I believe I have found my new favorite eyeliner.  I hope to try more from this brand at some point!

Have you ever tried anything from this brand?  Please scroll down to comment below!

Doucce Cosmetics Ultra Precision Eyeliner retails for $22.00.

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    • Hi! I think it’s from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette 🙂

  1. I also love this eyeliner, however, mine got dull so I attempted to sharpen it. It is now useless. The plastic just rips in a sharpener and is now all jagged. No sharp tip…didn’t even get that far in the sharpening process. I have emailed Doucce for advice. No response yet, but it has only been an hour.

    • Oh, no! Luckily, I haven’t had any problems sharpening any of mine. I wonder if you got one from a defective batch? Hopefully they’ll be able to do something for you!!

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