D’OR 24K Prestige Non-Surgical Instant Eye Lift Review


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If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you know that non-surgical anti-aging is a major topic here. I don’t see anything wrong with cosmetic procedures if they’re done safely and help with one’s self-esteem. I’ve had Botox injections on several occasions, but the last time was about two years ago. I loved my results, but when we started the blog, I decided to hold off on getting more until I could evaluate some topical alternatives.


Let me just say there are some great products out there that can really help reduce and delay the signs of aging. Miami-based D’OR 24K strives to provide the best the skincare world has to offer by hand-selecting every ingredient to ensure reliable and effective results. I’ve seen a D’OR 24K retail store in a mall while on a trip, but have never tried any of their products. So, I was pleased to have the opportunity to test out the brand’s Prestige Non-Surgical Instant Eye Lift.


D’OR 24K Non-Surgical Instant Eye Lift is purported to tighten pores within a minute of application, visibly reduce fine lines and bags, and lift and plump the skin. Natural ingredients like sodium silicate and magnesium aluminum silicate not only help tighten the skin, but also absorb excess facial oil. Green tea helps prevent sun damage and addresses issues such as rosacea and psoriasis (D’OR 24K, n.d.).


The serum is very easy to use. After cleansing and patting the skin dry, simply dispense a small amount and dab a very thin layer onto the areas of concern, such as the upper and lower eyelids. Take care to remain expressionless until it has dried. If you see a white layer, you have applied too much, but this can be remedied by smoothing over the area with a damp finger. After the serum has dried, you can use powder makeup, just no lotions or liquid makeup products (D’OR 24K, n.d.).

The D’OR 24K Non-Surgical Instant Eye Lift is housed in a gold-tone syringe applicator. As with similarly packaged products, I’ve never really been a fan because I’ve always thought these to be a bit “gimmicky.” However, since the product contains antioxidants, it’s important that the ingredients are protected from air and light in order to maintain efficacy and prevent degradation (Kaur, Kapila & Agrawal, 2007). The applicator also makes it easy to dispense the perfect amount.


The consistency is slightly thicker than a serum, but it’s not like a cream. It’s easy to dab on, there’s no stickiness or irritation, and it doesn’t make my skin feel “suffocated.” I could actually feel the tightening effect, but it was not uncomfortable or irritating. I will note that at first, I used too much, and it flaked a bit. The second time, I used much less, and no flaking or other issues.

Since this is a very effective product and I want to end on a positive note, I’ll start with the negatives. Like other products of this type, the disadvantage is that it doesn’t last very long at six to eight hours, while Botox lasts about three months. The price is also pretty steep at $650.00, which is more than I paid for Botox, but I only got it one single area injected, and the price varies by region. Finally, I don’t like that I can’t use this with liquid foundation because powders don’t work as well for me.

However, this is non-surgical, and has none of the side effects that are possible with injectables or surgery. Also, if you need it to last longer, it’s small enough to stash in your handbag. While D’OR 24K Instant Eye Lift was designed for special occasions, so little is needed that it will last quite a while even if you use it regularly. Since the serum is so effective and my lines are pretty much GONE when I use this, I’ll happily use a powder foundation!

The bottom line is that D’OR 24K Prestige Non-Surgical Eye Lift works. And if you’d like to try it but fear the price tag, you can get 25% off by using the code PROMO25. So, it’s well worth checking out at deor24k.com!


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