Derma E Mask Packets Are Here!!


Derma E Mask Packets 1

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Hey all you fabulous people!!!  I’m SO glad January is coming to an end, that means we’re just a bit closer to flip-flop season again!

Another happy thing?  DERMA E MASK PACKETS!!!!  Yep!  If you’ve kept up with us, you may already know how awesome Derma E skincare products are- well now they just got a bit more awesome.  I’ve always loved the Purifying 2-in-1 Mask, and have gone through several tubes, so obviously, it’s the bomb dot com!

So anywho, they now have mask packets, so you can try out their masks and see which ones you love the most, and you can even stash them in a travel bag.  How convenient is that?  Well, the folks at Derma E sent me three mask packets- the Vitamin C Brightening Clay Mask, Firming Magnetic Clay Mask, and the Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask, as well as a pack of their Hydrating Facial Wipes.

I was going to stash these things in my gym bag, but I just couldn’t wait to use them.  So, I still have a tiny bit of the 2-in-1 mask left in the tube (you can read our review here), so I put that packet in my gym bag so I can use it after wiping away my sweat.

Derma E Vitamin C Mask Packet 1

I first tried the Vitamin C mask, and it had a pleasant consistency, and a very light fresh scent- natural, nothing fake or overpowering.  While I’ve only used it once, and can’t tell you about the long-term brightening effects, my skin did feel smooth, and looked radiant after using this.

Derma E Magnetic Mask 1

As for the Firming Magnetic mask, I do believe I have a new fave from Derma E!  I like this even more than the 2-in-1, and it’s quickly going to be a new “go-to” in my regimen.  It has adzuki bean and spearmint, which I thought might be a bit irritating, but it wasn’t.  I have hypersensitive skin from tretinoin, and it just tingled a bit, no burning.    After using, though, my skin was SO clean, and SO soft!

The packets are a great way to try the Derma E masks out, and to add some variety to your routine.  I’d definitely recommend keeping a few on hand so you’ll have them for those times your skin needs a little extra TLC or a pick-me-up.  I’ve found that I can get two uses out of each packet, so they’re a great value- I just fold the top down a few times and use the rest within a few days.

Wanna try ‘em out?  They’re available singly or in packs of three at  Happy masking!

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