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Aang aang- hello!  Hope you’re all having a FANTABULOUS 2020 so far!

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted, the holidays were extremely busy, and I had health thing going on, but I’ll post about that later.  All okay now- and keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way!

Natural and clean skincare have really been a “thing” lately, and I expect this trend will continue and grow.  There are a few natural brands that I love, but they remain stagnant, without updating their products.  DERMA E, on the other hand, has consistently kept up to date, and is regularly releasing new formulas and products to suit the changing needs of consumers.  I appreciate that they have the ability to fulfill needs with well-formulated products at reasonable prices.  So, the brand remains at the top of my “list!”

Two of DERMA E’s newest products address damage from the blue light emitted by tech products.  Admit it, more people than ever before are spending more time than ever before online, on computers, phones, tablets, you name it.  A study published in the Journal of Biomedical Physics & Engineering in 2018 explains that exposure to blue light can result in varying levels of damage to human skin and eyes (Arjmandi, et al., 2018).  Thankfully, DERMA E has formulated their Blue Light Shield Spray and Blue Light Shield Concentrated Serum to help protect skin from these adverse effects.

Blue Light Shield Concentrated Serum

DERMA E’s Blue Light Shield Concentrated Serum helps boost that skin’s defenses, to help prevent damage from environmental aggressors, while neutralizing the appearance of uneven skin tone.  Ultra moisturizing red algae helps protect against environmental pollution, reducing free radical damage.  Activated charcoal helps to detoxify and purify.  Antioxidant-rich lutein is included to protect against blue light, while improving elasticity and increasing hydration.

The serum comes in a convenient pump bottle, which is nice because it protects the ingredients from exposure to air and contaminants.  The serum has a gray color from the charcoal, but doesn’t stain or discolor the skin, and there’s not really a scent.  The texture is smooth and light, it spreads easily, and isn’t sticky.  I found that it layered easily with other products and makeup, and didn’t make my oily skin feel greasy.

Please excuse my bruise, I tripped. Have I mentioned that I’m clumsy?!? ;P

An added bonus is that I noticed the serum also contains salicylic acid, a beta hydroxy acid.  This BHA is oil-soluble, so it can penetrate more deeply into the pores.  So, if you’re acne prone, this ingredient combined with the charcoal is going to be super-awesome for your skin.  Since the BHA is also a mild exfoliant- it’s also great for fine lines and discoloration.  *HAPPY DANCE!*

Blue Light Shield Spray

DERMA E Blue Light Shield Spray is purported to instantly revive, rebalance, and fortify stressed skin.  It’s formulated with with frankincense to address environmental stressors and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes.  Red algae is ultra-moisturizing and helps protect against free radicals and pollutants.  Activated charcoal purifies and detoxifies the skin.

Like the serum, the spray also contains salicylic acid, so I was really pleased.  Additionally, it has one of my uber-fave ingredients- lactic acid.  So, this is more than just a happy dance, this is ultra-thrilled, hop around, jump around happy!  Not only is my skin protected against blue light and free radicals, but now I can have smoother, brighter, more even toned skin.  Woo hoo!

I really like that this is in a spray bottle, so I can easily reapply throughout the day.  Especially during the winter when my skin looks more drab- I can basically spray away the dullness!  Since this is natural, it has stuff floating around- not sure if it’s algae or what, think of kombucha, similar to that.  It’s nothing gross or yucky- just be sure to shake before applying so you get an even spritz of goodness.

Overall, I’m very happy with the Blue Light Shield products from DERMA E.  They work well together, and they play nice with my other products, too.  They don’t cause anything to ball up, they’re not greasy or irritating, just easy and pleasant to use.  Check them out at

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Arjmandi, N., Mortazavi, G., Zarei, S., Faraz, M., & Mortazavi, S. (2018). Can light emitted from smartphone screens and taking selfies cause premature aging and wrinkles? Journal of Biomedical Physics & Engineering, 8(4). Retrieved January 13, 2020, from www.


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