DEESS Facial Lift RF Toning Device

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Hello, hello, hello!  Hope you’re all having a spectacular week!

We first started our website to explore what products work, and which ones don’t.  When I hit my thirties, I really started getting into anti-aging products.  Eventually, I started developing those “eleven” lines on my forehead, which were really bothersome.

It may sound shallow, but I just didn’t like seeing those lines, I looked angry all the time, and that’s not how I wanted to portray myself.  So, I started getting Botox injections from a trusted physician.  I was SO happy with the results, and will likely start getting them again at some point.

But, I couldn’t get an accurate idea of what skincare products actually produced results, while at the same time having injections done.  As a result, I stopped getting injections several years ago.  With Botox only lasting about six months or so, I can safely say it’s completely gone!

Two things I’ve really wanted to try are red light therapy and an RF toning device.  RF and LED therapies have been scientifically-proven to rejuvenate the skin.  These treatments can reduce sagging, fine lines, wrinkles by stimulating collagen and encouraging healing processes.

The problem is that these things can be pretty pricey.  When I got the opportunity to try the DEESS Facial Lift RF Toning Device, I was absolutely ecstatic!  This is a two-in-one device that combines RF toning with red and yellow LED light therapy, so it’s a good value.

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As it’s available on Amazon Prime, the device arrived very quickly.  It’s packaged in a lux, sturdy, attractive box that keeps it safe and secure.  It even includes a drawstring pouch for easy storage and travel.  The only problem I experienced is that my device did not have an instruction manual.  Although Amazon would replace it very quickly, I didn’t want to even wait the few days to try it.  I decided to message the seller, who responded within a few hours with instructions!

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One reason you definitely want to read the instructions is that the device should not be used by certain people- those with skin cancer or certain skin condition, or those who have used cosmetic injectables that still have effective results.  As my Botox has dissipated, no worries for me!

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You will need a conductor gel, such as a collagen gel, or any water-based serum or lubricant.  I just got some generic personal lubricant to start with.  Make sure you face is really clean, and use a toner to remove excess oil.  Use the gel, then turn on the device and use it on the desired setting.  (You can check out our video below to see exactly how to use it.)

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The device is so easy to use, and both RF and LED light therapies have been clinically proven to work.  Red LED therapy was actually first developed and used by NASA so astronauts at the space station could heal faster, due to the collagen rejuvenation and healing properties of red light.

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I’ve been using the DEESS device nightly, with no adverse effects.  After about a week or so, my fine lines look plumper, so I’ll keep using it nightly for a month or so, then I’ll probably do it once or twice a week.  If I start noticing any more lines or sagging, I’ll do it nightly again.  I REFUSE to age gracefully…lol!

The best part?  The price.  Currently it’s just under $200 on Amazon Prime, and you can get it for even less by using code 6L5YSRBJ at checkout, for 15% off.

If you don’t see a YouTube video above, click here.