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On Thursday, January 21, I attended Cane River Surgery Center’s Cosmetic Day. They have held several of these events where they offer FREE consultations to help you decide what products and procedures would be most beneficial for you. We had to laugh, because it seems like every time they hold an event like this, the weather is terrible- either a hurricane or storm always seems to be happening! However, they make it well worth your while to attend!

Cane River Surgery Center in Natchitoches, Louisiana, is the most technologically advanced, compassionate, and professional medical practice in the area. Not only was Dr. William A. Ball, Jr. the first physician in the area to perform da Vinci robotic gallbladder surgery, but he is also the best doctor to see for your cosmetic needs. I, personally, have had an emergency surgery (non-cosmetic) performed by Dr. Ball, as well as Botox injections, and have always received stellar service and results.

Dr. Ball and nurse manager, Shay Ball, along with their staff, offer injectables such as Botox, Juvederm, and Voluma. The thing that impresses me most is that Dr. Ball himself performs all injections. While I’m sure there are some very qualified nurses who can do this, I feel more comfortable with a physician injecting me. For fillers, Dr. Ball uses the DermaSculpt Skin Sculpting Technique, which requires no anesthesia, and there is practically no pain or bruising (Cane River Surgery Center, n.d.).

Dr and Shay Ball

Dr. and Shay Ball lead a superb team at Cane River Surgery Center.

In addition to injectables, Cane River Surgery Center offers Micropen treatments, Latisse, and SkinMedica products. If you want to avoid being “botched,” make sure to do your research. Dr. and Shay Ball, being the awesome people they are, took the time to visit with me about some important information to share with you.

I have been free from cosmetic injections for over a year now due to wanting the most accurate results possible with some of the treatments I have been testing. Prior to starting this website, I had gotten Botox injections several times. After much research and careful consideration, I selected Cane River Surgery Center and Dr. Ball for my Botox.

Dr. Ball has the ability to perform Botox injections without making you look fake or “done.” How does he do this? Instead of making patients purchase a whole vial of Botox, they sell it by the unit. Often, patients feel the need to actually use all that they have purchased, which can lead to disastrous results. Not only does purchasing by the unit save you money, but you aren’t wasting product that you don’t need. Dr. Ball is also very conservative in his approach. He uses a minimum amount, and you are scheduled for a return appointment to check your results. At that point, you can receive more if you desire.

Dr. Ball let me in on another tip: some practitioners use other versions of botulinum toxin that are not the “real thing.” Several companies make similar products that are FDA approved, but they don’t provide the same results, or may not last as long. While they may claim to be “just like Botox,” there are differences, such as the size of the molecules (Cane River Surgery Center, 2016).

Just because someone calls a tissue a “Kleenex,” doesn’t mean it’s a real Kleenex brand tissue. The same goes for Botox- just because a practice is offering “Botox injections” doesn’t mean they are using the actual Allergan product. While generic ibuprofen or antibiotics are often just as effective as the name brand, the same is NOT true for Botox.

CRSC Botox 1

Botox Cosmetic vial

So, how do you know if you’re getting the real thing? Ask to see the vial. Shay showed me a Botox vial and pointed out the features.  It should say “Botox Cosmetic,” not just “Botox,” or some other name. There should also be an “Allergan” hologram that becomes visible when you turn it into the light (Cane River Surgery Center, 2016). If you are considering cosmetic injections and are not in the central Louisiana area, you can visit the Botox Cosmetic website and search for providers to find a doctor near you who uses the “real stuff.”

CRSC Botox 2

Allergan hologram on Botox Cosmetic vial

The other major factor is to ensure the practitioner is qualified to do the injections. Ask around, check reviews, and ask to see photos. Also, make sure the practitioner is following the law. For example, in the state of Louisiana, only a licensed physician or Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (nurse practitioner) can perform cosmetic injections. A regular Registered Nurse can only do the injections if a licensed physician is present (Cane River Surgery Center, 2016). The bottom line? Do. Your. Research.

Dr. and Shay Ball were so great, and gave me so much helpful info that there is no way I can tell you everything in just one post. So… keep checking back- I’ve got some superb details on SkinMedica skincare products, and Latisse, which I’ll be testing over the next month or so!

You can reach Cane River Surgery Center at 877.924.2555, email, or you can visit their website,

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