Colorscience LE Refresh & Renew Kit

Hey everyone!

I’ve been a bit slow with the posting lately- a LOT family stuff going on.  Everything is okay, and it’s good GREAT stuff that’s happening, but it’s consuming almost all of my time.  As much as I love blogging, and those who give us the honor of reading or following us, I believe in putting my family first.  Hoping to be able to post about it all sometime soon!

So anywho, Colorescience has an awesome new limited edition Refresh & Renew kit, available now at  This is some great stuff here, you guys!  The kit contains the brand’s Total Eye 3-in-1 Renewal Therapy (full size), Eye & Brow Palette (full size, Mini Hydrating Mist, and a mini Scarlet Lip Shine, all tucked inside a cute little waterproof bag.

The Total Eye is an absolutely amazing product.  The formula is a great peachy shade that neutralizes dark circles, and it helps address puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles, all while protecting against photoaging with SPF 35.  Plus, it comes with a convenient applicator tip.  Despite feeling groggy, this stuff magically makes it at least appear as if I’ve gotten a full night’s sleep, even when I haven’t!

The Eye & Brow Palette is pretty awesome.  I like the range of shades, but I do wish that for brows, there were some cooler shades, as the most useful shade is too red for my brows.  But, I can mix the darkest shade with some of the others and achieve great results.  I also wish the applicator had a spoolie on one end, and that the brush were a bit stiffer.  But, if you’re like me, you stash brushes with your go-kit anyway…lol.

They do say to start off using lighter shades, as the minerals will darken with wear.  I absolutely love the formula, the shades are long-wearing, they don’t smudge, and I can get a very natural look due to the variety of shades.  Plus, the packaging is super sleek looking, and easy to stash in my handbag or makeup kit.

The Mini Hydrating Mist is also a winner, especially for the cold, drier weather.  The formula contains a D20 heavy water molecule for more hydration, along with ylang ylang and chamomile for a smoothing effect.  I love how easy this stuff is to use- and it has a light, pleasant, natural scent from the botanicals.

I’ve been using the Hydrating Mist not only to set my makeup, but also just to spritz on throughout the day.  It was a savior on our recent trip to Cali- it made the dry airplane air much more bearable.  And it did a great job of perking up my skin in the changing climate.

Colorescience’s Lip Shines are the bomb!  They contain zinc oxide for sun protection, Maxi Lip Peptide for conditioning and a plumped appearance, Vitamin E to fight free radicals, and hyaluronic acid for hydration.  If you’ve kept up with us, you probably already know that I LOVE red lipsticks, so I was thrilled to see this shade!

The kit is limited edition, and a great value- would make a great gift for yourself or someone else.  Snatch one (or several) up before they’re gone at!

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