Clump Cleaner: Apply Mascara Like a Pro!

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If you’re “into” makeup, then chances are, you’ve used a tissue to wipe off excess mascara before applying, which helps avoid clumps.  If you haven’t done this, then chances are you’ve at least heard about it, right?

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Years ago, when I first heard about doing this, I cringed at the thought of wasting even a tiny amount of high end mascara.  After spending so much money, I hated the thought of wiping it off and tossing it away.  I’d save the process for when it started to dry out, and I didn’t care as much since I’d be getting a new tube soon.

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Well, after realizing that even with regular use, it was worth it to clean off the excess, I gave in.  I knew the mascara would dry up before it completely ran out anyway.  Then, you have mascaras like the Too Faced BTS- when it first came out, the tubes were defective and the ring piece at the top would come out and it would be all gloppy, definitely in need of wiping.

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The problem with wiping the brush is that it often creates a big mess.  Depending on the type of brush, the tissue gets all torn up, and I have to pick piece of tissue out of it before I can even use it.  One day, I looked down and saw my eyeliner sharpener, and thought it would be such a simple thing to try to make a similar device for mascara.  Then… lo and behold…

I ran into this Clump Cleaner product!!!!  It was one of those products that evokes a trumpet fanfare in your head, and you see light shining down from above.  YES!!!!!  Someone actually took the time to make this!!!!!  It’s even better than the one I imagined because it’s like a little box with a hinge, so you can actually open it up to clean it out.

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They even went a step further and included three different sizes of holes to accommodate different wands, and there’s also a little tool to help clean it out.  (They recommend waiting until it dries up, which makes cleaning it out a breeze.) So simple, yet so genius.  The best part?  It’s reasonably priced- less than $10, with shipping.

Sorry for the shadow- I had to use a flash to show the bristles have been de-clumped

Sorry for the shadow- I had to use a flash to show the bristles have been de-clumped

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I love that this is a lot more streamlined and sanitary than a tissue.  My old self would have used the scraper to put the excess back into the mascara tube.  If you do this, make sure to keep everything REALLY clean, as you don’t want to get any bacteria near your eyes.  I’ve also found that I can use a brush and use the bit in the box as an eyeliner, too.

After application, BEFORE combing with a lash comb!

After application, BEFORE combing with a lash comb!

Clump Cleaner is lightweight, and small enough to stash in your makeup bag.  Since the excess that gets wiped off remains inside, it won’t mess up your bag, either, so it’s ideal for travel.  And if you’re one of those people like me who likes to recycle, and cares about the environment, there’s no wasting tissues, either.

Want to achieve the goal of clump-free mascara in a clean, efficient manner?  Check out Clump Cleaner at!

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