Classic Red Lip with Ecco Bella

Hey everyone, hope you’re all having a fantastic August!

I keep getting emails about fall products, and I just cringe.  Despite being an Alaskan Native, I HATE the cold.  Summer is my fave season, and I’m already getting depressed with all this pumpkin spice season excitement.  STOP ALREADY!!!  Lol!  Anywho, with season changes, it’s usually a good idea to change and update our makeup looks.  Well, I refuse to wear a fall look until the last possible moment!

I decided to try a timeless look- one that I can wear through late summer, without looking like I’m stuck in a time-warp.  Did you see our previous collab with Ecco Bella and Paige Padgett (read about it here)?  Well, great news- I got another package from the brand, and created another super easy look that can take you through any season!

Ecco Bella Flowercolor Natural Liquid Foundation in Linen

I decided to do a bold red lip, with subtle neutral eyes for a classic look.  To start, I used the Ecco Bella Flowercolor Natural Liquid Foundation in Linen, touched up with the Flowercolor Cover Up in Medium Beige, and set with the Flowercolor Face Powder in Light.  I used Flowercolor Eyeshadow in Earth for my creases and outer corners, blended out with Celestial, and Flowercolor Shimmer Dust in Moon on the center of my lids.  I blended a LOT, because I wanted the color to be subdued, but you can blend less if you want the color to be more bold.

Ecco Bella Flowercolor Face Powder in Light

I used Flowercolor Powder Eyeliner in Charcoal along my upper lash line, then blended Flowercolor Blush in Burgundy Rose onto my cheeks.  I finished off this simple look with Flowercolor Lipstick in REDvelation.  If you’d like more drama for evening or an event, you can go all out- add contour, highlighter, bronzer, false lashes, whatever you want.  The best part is how versatile this classical look is!

Ecco Bella Flowercolor Lipstick in REDvelation


A lot of products that are made with natural ingredients don’t perform well- I’ve found just the opposite with Ecco Bella.  There was a learning curve with a few of the products- they are SO pigmented, which was completely unexpected when I first tried the brand!

The face powder comes with a puff, and it can be used in place of foundation, or to set foundation.  I’ve found that I do not like the puff if I’m using this over liquid foundation, as it goes on patchy (I’m too impatient, and apply my powder immediately following foundation).  This can be “saved” though by using a large fluffy brush and blending until it’s smooth.  But, it’s a lot easier if you just start with a powder brush to begin with.  The included puff works perfectly, though, if you’re using the powder instead of foundation.  It’s just not “chalky” or “talc-y” like so many other formulas- so expect a bit more pigmentation and quality!

The blush is also one of, if not THE MOST, pigmented blushes I’ve ever used.  EVER.  Because of the pigmentation, it’s a bit more difficult to blend if you don’t prep.  Make sure you just barely touch your brush to the pan, seriously.  Then, dab onto your cheeks and blend.  You can always add more if need be, but go easy to start with.  It also blends out easier if you powder your face before using the blush- but I always do this anyway, since most of the products I use tend to be highly pigmented.

The eyeshadows are also super-duper pigmented.  Since the shade Earth is dark and more matte than the Shimmer Dusts, make sure you prime your eyelids, then dust some powder over the primer, or use a neutral shadow from lash line to brows- this will prep the eyelids, like prepping a canvas with gesso to paint, making the color easier to apply and blend out.

One of the best things about Ecco Bella Flowercolor makeup is that the brand uses flower cutins.  These fatty substances are like waxes that act to protect the flowers from moisture- basically what makes them “waterproof.”  In makeup, this means you will also get longer wear time!

The Flowercolor Lipstick is SO hydrating- it’s almost like a combination of lip balm and lip color- very pigmented and buildable, and goes on smoothly.  Since it’s not matte, it doesn’t wear as long as those drying formulas that are so popular.  I just apply liner, then lipstick, then blot, then reapply the lipstick.  This gives me bolder, more even color, that also lasts longer.  Unlike drying mattes, my lips are in better condition after wearing than before!

I’ve been having so much fun trying products from this brand.  It’s nice to be able to use natural, green beauty products that actually perform well, and nourish the skin rather than wreak havoc.  I’ve also been trying Ecco Bella’s skincare line, so keep checking back, we’ll be posting more soon!

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