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I swear, social media is going to be the death of me, and my wallet…lol! Social platforms have gotten “smart” in that they’re constantly showing us customized ads of stuff they think will appeal to each of us individually. The problem is that some of this stuff is either very expensive, or very low quality.

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One brand I keep seeing (and loving) is a jewelry company called Jeulia. They have some very unique pieces that range from unusual to more traditional. I appreciate that they show up up-close photos, as well as 360 degree video clips. I’ve seen comparable pieces of this quality in jewelry stores for thousands of dollars, so I honestly figured Jeulia would be priced similarly. Boy, was I wrong!

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Jeulia sent me their two-tone topaz owl ring so I could check out their company for myself. OMG, you guys, this is SO. FRIGGIN. AWESOME. The quality and detail of this ring are stunning. The 5 carat topaz is gorgeous, and very sparkly. There are 85 side stones consisting of white sapphires and topaz, to make the owl’s eyes, and this is on BOTH sides. The mixed metals make this piece very versatile, and wearable with almost anything.

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I really appreciate that Jeulia has whimsical and traditional pieces, at such reasonable prices. Even with the topaz and white sapphires, this ring has a retail price of just $399, but you can get it right now for less than $200, and they even have a PayPal option that’s just over $30 a month.

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Just how do they keep their prices so low? Well, this ring is sterling silver, so it’s still considered “fine jewelry,” but it’s lower priced than platinum. Although, Jeulia added rhodium for a platinum appearance. So, it’s possible to get a piece of unique, fine jewelry with genuine stones and quality metal for a low price. Nifty keen!

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Be sure to watch our short video below so you can see more of this amazing piece! Click on the links below or on one of the banners to visit the Jeulia website and see their amazing jewelry for yourself!

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