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Hey all!  How goes it?

It seriously depresses me that we’re already halfway into November.  I still refuse to accept it, and I’m still wearing my flip-flops and shorts.  Good thing it’s still been in the 70s here!  (Albeit, not for long 🙁 .)

So, anywho, if you’ve read our previous Charlotte Tilbury posts, about the Magic Foundation (read about it here) and the Light Wonder Foundation (read our review here), then you probably already know that we received a fab package from the brand.  This Healthy Glow was the third item in the box- which is really awesome because they liken it to “summer-in-a-bottle all year round” (Charlotte Tilbury, n.d.).  Summer all year?  COUNT ME IN!!!!!!!

Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow 3

Charlotte’s Healthy Glow is a unisex moisturizer- both men and women can use it without looking or feeling like it’s makeup.  The formula is purported to bring tired skin to life with ingredients for healthy, natural glowing skin.  Natural tan pigments are revealed once the lotion is blended, resulting in a natural-looking tan, while natural active moisturizing ingredients mimic the skin’s lipids (Charlotte Tilbury, n.d.).

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I take meticulous care of my skin, I wear multiple layers of sunscreen every single day.  Without fail.  I also use a lot of antioxidant and Vitamin C products, so my face is always lighter than the rest of my body.  When I’m not wearing makeup, it looks really weird…lol!  So, I was excited about this moisturizer, but intimidated at the same time.

Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow 4

I don’t usually like the look of fake tanning products, and I really fear them for my face.  If something goes wrong, then I’ll look even more weird than I already do!  But, I loved the foundations I had just tried, and I didn’t have any events coming up, so the excited feeling beat out the intimidation.

Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow 5 Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow 6

First off, there are a few products I’ve tried that I refer to as “witchery.”  THIS is one of those products.  It’s pure witchery!  I squirted a bit out onto my hand to take a photo, and it was a whitish color.  I decided to rub it in to take a photo, and it turned into a tan color.  I thought maybe it was turning my skin tan, but then I wiped with at issue, and it was the lotion that had changed color.   Wha….?!?!  Witchery, indeed.

Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Healthy Glow 7

I really like that this moisturizer doesn’t actually change the color of my skin, because if I mess up, then no problems- I don’t have to wait a week for it to fade…lol.  The only negative is that it does have an odd scent, but it’s very light, and it goes away almost right away.  But, I don’t really care, because I get a truly natural looking “Healthy Glow.”



It doesn’t look fake, and it doesn’t look like I’m wearing a self-tanner.  I have oily/combo skin, and it’s not greasy or too heavy.  The best part?  When I look into the mirror, I can at least appear as if it’s still summer.  Yep, pure, wonderful witchery!

After Charlotte Tilbury Healthy Glow

After Charlotte Tilbury Healthy Glow

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Charlotte Tilbury (n.d.). Unisex Healthy Glow. Charlotte Tilbury, LTD. Retrieved November 5, 2017, from

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