Pin-Up How-To from Jenna

For a pin-up inspired look, I went for the big guns. And by guns, I mean a true red lip and a strong arched brow. I will attempt to cover both these items without going into super deep detail, because… Continue Reading

Green Winged Eye: Tips & Tricks from Jenna

The green winged eye that I rocked for St. Pat’s Day may look kind of tricky for someone who struggles with getting that wing down to begin with.  So, here is a tip: follow the natural line of the BOTTOM… Continue Reading

Spoiler Alert: “Jennerated Looks” Coming Soon!

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am!  I got a hold of a friend who is a makeup artist, but moved away.  She fell in love, ran off and got married, the whole nine yards.  (Yes, I’m… Continue Reading