The Esthetician is In: What About Blackheads?

After several people asked about blackheads, I consulted our resident professional.  Esthetician Heather Kent offered the following advice on taking care of them: “I always say, let a professional do the dirty work.  We have products that can’t be sold… Continue Reading

The Esthetician Is In: You NEED Sun Protection!

So, while I was at work today, I had a few people question me about dark spots and what causes them. Well, essentially it’s sun damage. Most of the sun damage we have accumulated is from when we were kids.… Continue Reading

The Man Panel: Makeup at the Gym

Aside from this blog (and wine), I’m not a girly-girl.  When I go to the gym, I work out.  During a rest period, if a fellow gym-rat is also resting, I may say hey.  I don’t wear cutesy matchy-matchy outfits. … Continue Reading

Heather’s Tips for Pregnancy Breakouts

When hormonal acne plagues your face, there is little you can do as far as medications go- no Retin-A, no birth control pills, etc.  So, taking care of your skin in the best manner possible is key. Heather Kent is… Continue Reading

Eczema: Skincare Tips from Heather, Esthetician

  Heather is an esthetician at Ulta, and by the looks of her bare skin, she’s darn good at her job! She herself has sensitive skin/eczema, so she says she really has to watch what she puts on her face.  She… Continue Reading