Buxom Holiday 2017 Lip Sets

Buxom Holidays


Hey everyone, it’s getting cold!

Most makeup and lippie junkies know that Buxom does lip color really, really, REALLY well.  So, when a package arrived from the brand, and it contained lip sets from their holiday collection, well… you can probably imagine how delighted I was!

The 2017 holiday collection from Buxom includes the Ferocious Flirt set, the Perfectly Plump set, and I received the Lips Off Leash set, and the Plump, Pucker & Prowl set.

The Ferocious Flirt set ($42) contains a neutral eyeshadow palette with six matte-to-metallic finishes.  The highly pigmented shadows have primer-infused technology to lock in color all night long.  Shades featured are Cashmere Cravings, Gilt Trip, Mink Magnet, Chocolate Diamond, Gold Status, and Bronzing Addict.  There’s also a Full-On Lip Polish in Victoria.  The set is available at Ulta, Macy’s, and BuxomCosmetics.com.

The Perfectly Plump set ($32), available at Sephora and SiJCP consists of six mini sized Full-On Lip Polishes in multidimensional shades.  The shades are: Amanda, Amy, Princess, Emma, Celeste, and Erica.

And now… for the sets I received!

Buxom Lips Off Leash 1

The Lips Off Leash set ($59) has a bombshell array of 15 lip plumpers, including Full-On Lip Polishes with shimmer, and Full-On Lip Creams with smooth finishes.  The thing I love about Buxom’s lip plumpers is that they’re not nearly as sticky on me as other brands, and there’s such a huge range of shades.  They can also be worn on their own, or layered over other lip colors.  The set is available at Sephora, Ulta, Macy’s, and BuxomCosmetics.com.

Buxom Lips Off Leash 2

The Full-On Lip Polishes are Sophia, Clair, Kayla, Jill, Stacy, Brooke, and Jasmine.  I have Sophia and Clair, and they’ve gotten a LOT of love, so I’m glad to have replacements, as well as the other shades to try.  The Full-On Lip Creams are Dolly, Pink Champagne, Wild Orchid, Berry Bramble, Peach Daiquiri, Mudslide, Cherry Flip, and Sangria.  I have Dolly, Mudslide, and Cherry Flip, and believe me, they’re AMAZING.  I can’t wait to try them all out, and I’m also going to stash a few in my travel bag!

Buxom Plump Pucker Prowl 1

The Plump, Pucker & Prowl set ($32) is a luscious contouring and plumping set.  Plumpline Lip Liner defines and blends with a built-in brush, while the Full-On Lip Cream tingles and plumps.  The Plumpline Lip Liners are Dolly Danger, Stealth, and Undercover.  The Full-On Lip Creams are Rose Julep, Blushing Margarita, and Moscow Mule.

Buxom Plump Pucker Prowl 2

While, as previously mentioned, I’ve tried the Full-On Lip Creams, and I also have one of the liners in White Russian, I’ve never tried any of the shades in this set.  So, I can’t wait to play around with these.  The set is available at Ulta, Macy’s, and BuxomCosmetics.com.

Alrighty, now that I’ve taken photos and told you about these, I can finally tear into them and start trying them out.  You have no idea how difficult it was to have the willpower to wait- I seriously wanted to bust these open as soon as I got them…lol!

If there are any makeup junkies on your gift list, they’ll surely be pleased with a set or two (or three) from Buxom.  By the way, keep checking back, because they also included the new Metalix Lip Glides, and I’ll be posting a review and swatches. 😉


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