Birchbox May 2016: Did They Finally Get it Right?

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If you’ve been keeping up with this blog, you know that I haven’t exactly been loving Birchbox lately.  For two months in a row, they sent me the wrong box.  There is a serious internal “disconnect” with the company, along with incorrect information being sent via email.  (You can read about my last two boxes here and here.)  Needless to say, I’ve felt quite misled lately.

For my May box, I selected the box I wanted, then I was emailed the confirmation regarding my choice.  Normally, this would assure me that I would be getting what I selected, but that hasn’t been the case lately.  So, did they get it right for May…?  Drumroll please…

Whew!  Finally.  They finally sent me the right box this month!  It’s about damn time!

My May 2016 Birchbox contained the following:

May 2016 Birchbox

Coola SPF 30 Organic Makeup Setting Spray– I’ve gotten this same exact sample in a previous Birchbox, so it’s a duplicate.  But, I LOVE this stuff, and it will be a great addition to my travel case.

Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer– Sadly, this shade doesn’t work for my medium-toned skin, it’s too light.  But, it’s a great formula, so I may use it as an eyeshadow or it may get gifted to a friend.

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ModelCo Lip Lacquer in Crème Brulee– I’ve really liked the previous items I’ve received from this brand, so I’m looking forward to trying this.  Plus, it looks like a great shade!

Davines Love Shampoo– I used to use the Davines NouNou shampoo, and I really liked it, so I’m excited to try this one.

Davines Love Conditioner packet– Again, I really liked the NouNou conditioner, so I’ve got high hopes for this!

Clean Blosson Eau de Parfum sample vial– I’m not much of a fan of the Clean fragrances.  But, that’s just personal preference, they’re not as complex as what I like with my chemistry.  That being said, they are very good quality, and this will be great for my gym bag.

Overall, this is great box.  I don’t normally like sample packets or fragrance samples, but since there were six total items instead of five, I’ll give them a pass.  Also, since I had a choice of boxes, I could have selected something that may not have had an item I’d received previously.  It just so happened that I love the Coola spray, so I wanted another one.  I also knew ahead of time that the Hoola bronzer doesn’t work for me, but again, it’s a fantastic formula.

It looks Birchbox finally got it right this month, so if they keep getting it right, they’ll earn their way back into my good graces.  Nevertheless, I didn’t cancel my subscription because even when they screwed up, I still always got a LOT more than what I paid for.  If you’d like to give them a shot, just click here to subscribe, it’s only $10 a month, shipping is always free, and you can cancel ANY time!