Bionova’s Q’urFamily Personal Care Products: First Impression

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I was super excited to find out that not only does Bionova have luxurious, yet effective, skincare products, but they also have a personal care line based on nanotechnology!  The line consists of Q’urNail, Q’urBurn, Q’urFollica, and Q’urSkin.  If you haven’t been following my Bionova posts, please make sure to read Bionova: The Next Generation in Skincare, then come back here!



Q’urNail is a must for preventing nail and skin fungus contamination, especially for those who get regular manicures!  Even if you don’t suffer from nail fungus, Q’urNail helps nourish the nails, prevent cross contamination, and provides long-lasting protection (Bionova, n.d.).

I’m anxious to try Q’urNail, as I do my own nails at home. Although I’ve never suffered from fungal problems, there is a first time for everything, and I would rather prevent the problem before it arises.  Also, with winter around the corner, my nails can use all the nutrients possible.


Q’urBurn is useful for thermal, chemical, and radiation burns.  It helps soothe the burning and pain, and enhances the skin’s barrier system.  It also moisturizes the skin, aids in healing, and acts as a liquid bandage (Bionova, n.d.).

It never fails, I always end up with a light sunburn when we go on vacation, no matter what efforts I take to prevent it.  Also, my other half tends to burn himself a lot in the kitchen and at work.  As a matter of fact, he burned himself pretty severely not too long ago- so it will be nice to have this on hand!


Q’urFollica is great for protecting your skin following hair removal procedures.  Shaving, plucking, depilatories, waxing, and electrolysis all cause damage to the skin barrier system, and can result in ingrown hairs and irritation.  Q’urFollica helps soothe the irritation, relieve bumps, enhance the barrier system, assist in healing, and prevent ingrown hair (Bionova, n.d.).

My skin on my face is always very sensitive right after I get waxed, often resulting in inflammation.  Furthermore, I tend to easily get ingrown hair.  Most other products I have tried really sting, so this is a welcome addition to my cabinet!


Q’urSkin is a universal product that can be used by everyone- kids, teens, and adults.  It’s an effective liquid bandage that treats minor cuts, abrasions, blisters, scrapes, and other skin irritations.  It enhances the skin barrier system, assists with healing, relieves pain, cleanses impurities, prevents inflammation, and provides long-lasting protection (Bionova, n.d.).

I might have to hide this from my other half, so he doesn’t take it with him to work, and “forget” to bring it home!  He’s always scratching himself or getting cut, and he’s been using superglue!  I often find myself getting scratched by parrots, or by bumping into things (I’m the clumsiest person I know!).  So, I’m super happy to have this!


As always, Bionova’s customer service was absolutely phenomenal- I swear, these people should give classes and teach other customer service representatives how to treat customers- they genuinely care and want the best for your health and skincare.  And again, the items were packaged with great care; and they were even in a gift bag- Bionova always goes that extra mile to make customers happy!


The Q’urNail is housed in an easy-to-use twist-top bottle, while the Q’urBurn, Q’urFollica, and Q’urSkin are all in convenient spray bottles.  And… they’re all packaged in cobalt blue bottles- my favorite color!

Make sure to keep checking back, as I will be posting individual product reviews, as well as more detailed information about each product.

Bionova’s Q’urFamily products are available on the Q’urFamily page, just click “Shop Now.”

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Bionova (n.d.). Q’urFamily Fact Sheets. Bionova, Inc.





  1. I didn’t know they made these products. I always have terrible reactions after I get my legs waxed. I order Bionova skin care form Barneys and I like it, so I think this will probably work too.

    • Hi Mary! I’m so glad you like their products- keep checking back for my reviews!

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