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Q’urNail by Bionova is a fantastic product for reducing the effects of fungus in fingernails and toenails.  Not only does the prescription-strength formula help alleviate fungus with six antimicrobials, but five antioxidants nourish the nails and provide long-lasting protection.  The proprietary Nano-Complex of antioxidants and anti-free radical scavengers helps support the skin’s natural defense mechanism against fungal invasion (Bionova, n.d.).


Photo from the Q’urNail Fact Sheet

I do my own nails at home, so this is a great product to have on hand.  I’ve never had any problems with nail fungus, but there’s a first time for everything.  Plus, with harsh enamels and removers, this will be great to provide nutrients for my nails and cuticles.  It’s also great to take with you if you get professional manicures.  Q’urNail can be used to clean the manicure tools, and a drop applied to your nails and cuticles when done (Bionova, n.d.).

Q’urNail is housed in an easy-to-use twist top bottle.  I applied more than necessary to my nail so it would be easier to see the consistency in the photo.  It’s very concentrated, so I was able to spread this amount onto all five fingernails and cuticles.  It has a very pleasant scent, almost like almonds or amaretto, although it dissipates quickly, so no worries if you are sensitive to fragrance.  It also spreads and absorbs easily, without feeling greasy.


Although I can’t attest to it’s treatment of fungus, I can say that it left my cuticles very soft, and I thinkit will also be great for those with brittle nails.  Since it’s bacteriostatic, this is also a must if you bite your nails or get frequent hangnails.

Bionova Q’urNail is available on the Q’urFamily page by clicking the “Shop Now” link.

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