Bionova Hand, Elbow & Knee Treatment with UV Chromophores

Bionova Age Control Hand Knee Elbow Treatment 3

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As always, if you haven’t been keeping up with my Bionova posts, please go back and read Bionova: The Next Generation in Skincare, then come back here. This brand is far different from any other, so I promise it will be worth your while!

I’m religious with my skincare routine- for my face. I never, and I mean NEVER, go to bed with makeup on. I don’t even use facial wipes; I do a full cleansing routine each and every night, without fail. That’s how badly I do NOT want to age gracefully! But, I do tend to neglect my hands, so they show more age than my face.

Since I’m outdoors using my hands a lot (I love gardening and yard work), I didn’t think there was much of anything I could do about my hands. Then, Bionova came to the rescue, as always, and sent me their Age Control Hand, Elbow & Knee Treatment with UV Chromophores from their bn Science line. Praise be to the skincare gods!

Bionova created a new generation of hand treatments, both for “normal” hands, and for those with irritated, itchy skin conditions. You can read their press release here.  These hand creams help relieve irritation, prevent premature aging, and enhance the skin barrier to eliminate dryness and protect against the elements (Bionova, n.d.).

Even celebrities, such as Carole Bayer Sager have commented on how much their skin improved when using Bionova. You can read more here from Modeliste Magazine.

So, what makes Bionova’s hand cream so much better than others? Well, the biggest difference is that Bionova’s formulas contain the brand’s proprietary nanocomplexes of hypernatural ingredients. The formula mimics the substances that are naturally found in the human body. Furthermore, Bionova acknowledges the difference in the skin found on the hands, elbows, and knees. These areas lack the circulation and the network of sebaceous glands found in other areas (Bionova, n.d.). In other words, these areas are more prone to dryness, and need special care.

With ingredients specially chosen for targeted areas, and formulated with such precision, Bionova’s hand creams can yield far better results than other brands on the market. I’ll be testing the Age Control Hand, Elbow & Knee Treatment with UV Chromophores over the next few weeks. So, be sure to check back soon to see my before and after pics!

Bionova bn Science Hand, Elbow & Knee Treatment with UV Chromophores retails for $69.00 for 2 oz. It’s available at  The Hand, Elbow & Knee Treatment is also available at Bionova in the Impact and N1-Custom lines as well- so there’s a formula for everyone!

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