Bionova Age Control Neck Treatment Results: Before and After

Bionova Age Control Neck Treatment 6

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If you haven’t read my overview of Bionova’s bn Science Age Control Neck Treatment with UV Chromophores, make sure you read it, you can find it here.  Also, make sure to check out my video on Bionova, you can find it here.

Bionova Age Control Neck Treatment 2

All too often, we take great care of our faces, but neglect our necks.  This results in a telltale sign of aging, and none of us wants that- at least I don’t.  I started this website because I REFUSE to age gracefully!

So, now that you’ve read the overview about the treatment, how much did I like it?  Well, as with all Bionova products, I was NOT disappointed, it’s truly a fabulous product.  Although these products have varying degrees of customization (age, gender, etc.), Jerry has even been using it, and really likes it as well.

Bionova Age Control Neck Treatment 3

This does come in a jar, but it’s not dependent on antioxidants for effectiveness, so this is just fine, and it’s very sleek looking!  Just make sure to use the spatula to get the cream out, and wash your hands, as directed!  Bionova products are produced on demand, so you can be assured you are getting VERY fresh product.  It has the same trademark scent from the bioactive ingredients, it’s very light and fresh, and dissipates quickly.

Bionova neck before 3

Before using Bionova Age Control Neck Treatment

The Bionova Age Control Neck Treatment is not at all greasy, and it absorbs into the skin readily.  While I don’t have a lot of aging in my neck, my skin in that area has started getting a bit drier, which will inevitably lead to aging.  The biggest difference I noticed is how soft and smooth my skin is!  Also, since it’s more hydrated, it’s more plump, so I’m VERY happy with the results.  As with all Bionova products I’ve used, the results only get better and better with time!

Bionova neck after

After using Bionova Age Control Neck Treatment

If you want a great anti-aging solution for your neck, this is it.  You know your skincare products are REALLY good when your husband starts using them, too!

Bionova bn Science Age Control Neck Treatment is available at Dermstore.  This neck cream is also available in the Impact and N1-Custom lines from Barney’s and Bionova.

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  1. I have tried so many neck creams and none of them seem to do much. I think I’ll have to look into getting this one.

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