Be Stylin’ for the Holidays with Modern Day Gypsy!

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Hey you guys, hope you’re having a fantastic holiday weekend!

We went to Jerry’s parents’ for Thanksgiving, now we’ve been spending the weekend working.  I thought Black Friday weekend would be SO much easier now that I don’t work retail anymore, but it’s still a lot of work.  While I don’t have to deal with crowds of people or corporate VIPS having time off with their families while we slave away so they can have huge bonuses, the holidays still affect me as a blogger.  But this time, it’s because I want to be able to share the great deals with all of you!

This holiday season, I’m pleased to tell you we can all dress in style without breaking the bank!  Jerry’s son and daughter-in-law (I will claim them, too, as long as you all keep in mind that Jerry is a LOT older than me…lol), have opened an online clothing boutique called Modern Day Gypsy.

The clothes are fabulous- Kevin and Brianna both take great pride in the things they do, including picking out clothes.  They’re just getting started, so they’re constantly adding new items.  Right now, they’ve got some cute tops, sweaters, pants, shorts, skirts, rompers, and dresses, along with some gorgeous accessories.  Prices are very reasonable, most everything is around $30, with the exception of a (very) few things being around $70.


I know, I know, many times clothes that look this fab aren’t so comfy, right?  Well, let me just say that Brianna is VERY low maintenance, and she values comfort above all else!  So, when we were in Cali visiting them, she came out wearing a pair of the cutest bell bottom pants- which she claimed were actually quite comfy.  I ended up getting a pair because they REALLY feel like leggings!

Me, wearing Modern Day Gypsy floral bell bottoms.

Me, wearing Modern Day Gypsy floral bell bottoms.

I got the floral bell bottoms, which as of this writing are sold out, but they just placed another order for the same pants in a slightly different pattern.  These pants are perfect for when you want to look like you’re dressed up, but want to feel like you’re wearing leggings.  You can also dress them up or down, so they’re great for almost any occasion.  It’s easy to see why they sold so quickly!

Me wearing faux suede lace-up pants, get your Rebel Pants at Modern Day Gypsy!

Me wearing faux suede lace-up pants, get your Rebel Pants at Modern Day Gypsy!

Another pair of pants I got was the Rebel pants- they’re a cute lace-up style faux suede.  At first, I thought, no way will these actually fit comfortably.  But, they’re stretchy!!!!  Again, super versatile, and they can be dressed up or down, and they feel great.

She’s also a big believer in that people of all shapes and sizes should be able to dress in snazzy duds, so they’re getting in more sizes.  They have a Facebook page, and a Facebook VIP group where you can pre-order and reserve new items, so you can be assured of getting in on the new arrivals before they sell out.

So, make sure to check ’em out- and subscribe to their email so you get 15% off your first order!  You can find Modern Day Gypsy on Facebook, Facebook VIP Group, Instagram, and  Happy shopping!

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