Bdellium Tools Maestro 990 Angled Face Brush

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Bdellium 990 Angled Face Brush 1

Have you ever wished you had a really big, fluffy powder brush that could actually get into the “corners” of your face?  I wished that all the time.  I have several large, very, very soft face brushes, but they are so dense that they move product away, rather than just brush powder on.

Bdellium Tools 990 Angled Face Brush 2

The Bdellium Tools Maestro 990 Angled Face Brush has become my new favorite all-over powder brush.  The mixture of natural and synthetic fibers make this brush a perfect multi-tasker.  It’s silky and soft, it picks up powder really well, and it’s not so dense that it moves product off the face.

Bdellium Tools 990 Angled Face Brush 3

This Bdellium Tools Maestro 990 brush was not only perfect for getting powder into the “corners” because of the angle, but it also worked great for applying bronzer.  The size, shape, and angle make the possibilities endless, and I’m really anxious to play around with it more.

Bdellium Tools 990 Angled Face Brush washed

The Maestro 990 Angled Faced Brush held up very well when washed

When I washed the brush, it held up extremely well.  There was very little color run-off compared with other brands, and only one hair was shed, that’s right, just one.

Bdellium Tools Me 1

I love the results I got from using the Bdellum Tools 990 Angled Face Brush!

Overall, I’m very impressed with Bdellium Tools (you can read more about them in this post), and this brush has found a spot in my daily routine.  You can get the Maestro 990 Angled Face Brush for just $24, and for a limited time you can get free shipping on orders of $20 or more- just click the banner below!

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