Aquareveal Gentle Action Water Peel for Body


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Year-round, I get dry patches on my elbows, feet, and knees.  During the winter, it seems like ALL of my skin gets dry and itchy!

When this package from Aquareveal arrived at my doorstep, I couldn’t open it fast enough!  The first product I tried was this Gentle Action Water Peel for Body.  Let me tell you- it is ahhhh-mazing!

The water-based gel has no acids, scrubbing particles, or enzymes, so it’s very gentle, yet it effectively removes dead skin,  With its trademarked SMART EXFOLIATION technology, you control the level of exfoliation- from light to deep (Park-De Boer, 2015).

The gel-like substance is housed in a convenient and sanitary tube, and is very easy to dispense.  After I got out of the shower, I towel dried my skin, and used this on my legs, knees, elbows, and feet.  I used more and rubbed it around for longer on my feet than on my legs.  And oh my gosh, my feet are no longer crusty.  The only problem I can see with this product is that it has the potential to reduce business for pedicurists…lol!  But for the price, it will save YOU a lot of money on paying for that pedicure!

My knees and elbows, super soft.  My legs?  No longer itchy, dry, or ashy.  And the best part?  NO irritation or inflammation whatsoever.  Jerry even used this on his elbows, and he couldn’t stop touching them when he was done!

Aquareveal Gentle Action Water Peel for Body retails for $38.00 for 5 oz.

Aquareveal Water Peels are available at Space NK, Bloomingdales, Credo, Birchbox, and

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  1. I got the Face Peel in a beauty box but I didn’t know they made one for your body or lips. I really like the Face Peel so I think I will probably get it. Are they having any sales for black Friday?

    • Hi! I’m so glad you like the Satin Bright Soft Water Peel for Face- I love it, too! Aquareveal Water Peels are available at SpaceNK, Bloomingdales, Credo, Birchbox, and I know several of them are having some great specials, so definitely log onto their sites to check them out!

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