Another 5 Miles + New Water Bottle from Upy

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Well, Wednesday is coming to a close, and it’s almost the end of the week. Time sure flies the older I get…lol!

Back when I was in boot camp, the confidence course was my favorite thing (is it even possible to have a “favorite” part of boot camp…?!?!), so it’s no surprise that I really enjoy extreme obstacle courses. Obviously, I can do one of these every day, though, sadly enough. So, I resign myself to running. Actually, jogging- I go at a slow pace since I do five miles each day during the week, and seven to ten on Fridays.

Since I’m doing several miles at a time, I have to stop every couple miles and re-hydrate. Rather than walk throughout the house all stinky, gross, and sweaty, I like to leave a water bottle outside. That way, I can just jog up through the driveway, hydrate, and get back on my way. Easy-peasy.

My system works pretty well. For about half the year. The problem is that the Louisiana heat can be absolutely horrendous! The only insulated, double-walled bottles/vessels we have that will hold up to the heat have openings in the top to drink from. If you’ve ever been to Louisiana, you know it’s not just hot, but there are bugs. Bugs, bugs, bugs… everywhere.

What I needed was some sort of double-walled insulated bottle that did not have a hole in the top. Something I could stash outside while I’m running, that would keep water cold and fresh, without letting the bugs in. Sure there are plenty of water bottles around, but finding something to fit my needs proved to be somewhat difficult.

I wanted something of good quality, something that would keep the water COLD, for long periods of time, and hold enough water to last me through ten miles, in 110 degree heat. It also had to be substantial enough to not blow away, fall over and roll around, making it difficult to find.

Well, dear fitness-lovers, and all of you who drink water, I do believe I’ve found the answer to my problem! Upy makes a stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottle. It’s made of high-quality, food-grade 18/9 stainless steel, and holds a whopping 28 ounces!

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This bottle will keep cold liquids cold for up to 24 hours, and hot liquids hot for up to 12 hours, so I could also use this for soup or coffee. It also comes with a separate top with a straw attachment, so it’s super versatile.

So, when I did my five mile run today, I filled the Upy bottle with ice and water, and stashed it so I could get to it without going inside when I passed by. My water stop was so much easier, and I got cold, fresh, BUG-FREE water! When I finished, it was easy to clean, and since it’s very sturdy, I know it will last me a LONG time.

While I can’t do anything about the dreaded heat and bugs of Louisiana this summer, getting hydrated during my runs will undoubtedly be much easier and more pleasant now. Interested in the Upy bottle? Check it out at

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