Anastasia Beverly Hills Warehouse Burglary :(


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Sadly, it’s not a good day for Anastasia today.  I woke to a text message from Jerry telling me that the company’s warehouse had been burglarized.  Sure enough, several news sites confirmed this.

According to, the burglary occurred sometime between January 28 and January 30.  The suspects apparently cut through the roof of the warehouse located on Nordhoff Street near Topanga Canyone Boulevard.  They made off with $4.5 million worth of Modern Renaissance palettes (Sklar, 2017).

I really can’t stand a thief.  I don’t like to use the word “hate,” but I hate dishonesty and theft.  This is one reason why prices are so high in the retail world.  If you see one of these palettes for sale online or on the side of the road (in other words, anywhere that’s not a legit authorized retailer), please do NOT buy!  Buy from a reputable source like Nordstrom instead- you’ll be assured of getting an authentic product, and you won’t be supporting thieves. (Plus, Nordstrom offers FREE shipping, no minimum, and free returns, all the time.)

One thing I’m confused about, though, is if this happened sometime at the end of January, why are they just now discovering it…??  As a former Corporate America general manager, and business owner, I would always ensure my inventory is secure.  I would never go such a lengthy period of time without at least checking in, in person.  Although, with such large sales volume, this may just be back-up stock.  There may be a state-of-the-art security system that didn’t include the roof.  Who knows… but, it still doesn’t make it right.

If you have any info, please call Detective Marc Zavala (818-832-7510), or Detective Jeannette Santos (818-832-7511), of the LAPD’s Commercial Crimes Division Cargo Hijack Unit (Sklar, 2017).


Sklar, D. (2017). Makeup thieves net milions in Anastasia heist: Women pay a lot to look good., March 10, 2017. Retrieved March 10, 2017, from

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