Amazing Cosmetics Perfection Sticks Cover and Contour On The Go

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I was SO excited to get these!  I had been looking at the Smashbox contouring sticks, but put off getting them.  It must have been fate that these showed up in my mailbox!

The Amazing Cosmetics Perfection Sticks are chubby, portable pencils that conceal, contour, and highlight to create a flawless complexion.  These sticks are perfect for spot coverage as well as highlighting.  There are four neutral shades available (Fair, Medium, Tan, and Deep) that are supposed to complement every skin tone.

I have medium-toned skin (I’m an Eskimo), and I got the shades Fair and Tan.  I was hoping to highlight with the Fair; and contour with the Tan during the winter, and conceal during the summer.  However, that’s not quite how it worked out- the Tan turned out to be the perfect concealer shade for me right now.

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Let me just say, the Tan shade worked like an absolute dream under my eyes!  It also worked great on a spot where I just had a zit.  It was easy to apply, blended very well, and was very light weight.  I dare say, I like this better for medium coverage than the regular Amazing Cosmetics concealer (more info here), since it was so much easier to use.  However, it wasn’t quite as full coverage as the regular concealer, so they will both remain in my collection.

Amazing Cosmetics stick Tan

The Perfection Stick in Fair was the perfect shade to highlight around my brow and lip area, it was super-duper easy!  This would also be good for highlighting the inner corners of your eyes if you want a more natural look than shimmery shadow.

Amazing Cosmetics stick Fair

So, what’s the bottom line?  Well, I’m not sad that the Tan didn’t work for contouring- this just gives me an excuse to order the Deep.  And probably the Medium, too, so I can complete the collection!

Amazing Cosmetics Perfection Sticks retail for $23.00 each for 0.13 oz.  They are available at Sephora, Ulta, and

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The Fair shade was perfect to highlight around my lips, making my Bite Beauty Mimosa lipstick pop even more!

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