Highlight & Conceal with Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer Illuminate


Amazing Cosmetics Illuminate Concealer 4

Wearing Amazing Cosmetics Illuminate

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When it comes to concealers, I’ve never been disappointed with anything from Amazing Cosmetics. So, when they sent me the new Illuminate concealer to try, I was really excited, but nervous at the same time.

Amazing Cosmetics Illuminate contains pearlescent light reflectors that blur imperfections and give the skin a glow. Anything with the words “glow” or “illuminate” tends to scare me away. I have oily/combination skin; and I fear anything that could possibly make me look shiny. For example, I tend to avoid “dewy” foundations like the plague.

Amazing Cosmetics Illuminate Concealer 1

The Amazing Cosmetics Illuminate also contains cassia augustifolia to add moisture, and Vitamin E to help with anti-aging. So, this doesn’t just make you look prettier, but it’s got some stuff that’s actually good for your skin.

Amazing Cosmetics Illuminate Concealer 2

So, what’s the verdict? I LOVE this stuff- it does the brand justice as it truly IS amazing! The Amazing Cosmetics Illuminate didn’t blend quite as easily as the brand’s original concealer, but it still blended easily, and better than many other brands.

Amazing Cosmetics Illuminate Concealer 3

It didn’t settle into any fine lines, and it wore very well. It was not shiny, repeat, it was NOT shiny!!!!!! It gave me a glow, without looking greasy, so this is an absolute win! Amazing Cosmetics Illuminate is very versatile, it covered my under eye area like a dream, and it worked very well to highlight my cheekbones and bridge of my nose. Best of all, it did was it was supposed to, and it blurred my imperfections beautifully.

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer Illuminate retails for $30 for 0.24 oz. It’s available from AmazingCosmetics.com, Sephora, and Ulta.