Current Obsessions: August 31, 2015

Well, huh. It looks as if my obsessions for the past week are all food, go figure!

Bacon. Bacon is the reason I am not a vegetarian. Bacon is not just for breakfast, it is good any time. Almost anything can be made better with bacon.  And according to my nephew, the bacon must be crispy.


Cake. Especially birthday cake, with LOTS of buttercream icing. Not fondant or that whipped kind- it must be buttercream. Unless it’s my grandma’s chocolate cake with her own special frosting she made with whipped cream, my sister and I could eat a whole cake just between the two of us.


Hot wings, particularly Hooter’s hot wings, bone-in, breaded, extra crispy, with Three Mile Island or 911 sauce. Even my other half agrees these are the absolute best. These heavenly wings are fresh, never frozen, and are the best hot wings anywhere. We usually get them every weekend, but have been so busy lately that we haven’t had them in several weeks, so this has been my biggest obsession over the weekend. On top of the to-die-for wings, the service is always stellar. Even if the wings weren’t the best, we would still go because the service is so great and they do have other really awesome choices. Next time you are in the Bossier City area, stop by, order some wings, and tell our fave gals we said “hey!”

hooterswings hootersmonicajw

hootersracheljw measpen



What have you been obsessing about over the past weekend?  Scroll down to comment below!