3Lab The Cream

I love high-quality skincare products. With skin being the largest organ of our bodies, I think it’s important to treat it well. I had never tried any 3Lab products before, and welcomed the chance to try out a travel sized tube of the The Cream.

3Lab claims this wonder cream contains Korean ginseng stem cell extract and their own Fermented 7 Complex, along with other Asian herbs. Sounds pretty nice, huh? Right off the bat, I am a bit peeved about the use of plant stem cell extracts. After reading legitimate scientific research, plant stems cells have little, if any, benefit on human skin.

I was surprised by the texture, as it had somewhat of a gel-cream consistency rather than a rich, buttery texture. The good news is that with this texture, it was easy to apply and spread around. My face did not feel sticky at all, it felt quite smooth. My makeup was also easy to apply following the use of The Cream.

When examining the ingredients, however, I was disappointed. The first ingredient is water- well, okay. The third ingredient is dimethicone, with several other silicones high up on the list. This was why my skin felt so nice- not the work of fancy stem cells and fermented stuff! Needless to say, I will not be purchasing the full size of this product. There are far better creams available, with better quality ingredients, at much more reasonable prices. While The Cream was a “miss,” I may try other 3Lab products at some point.

3Lab The Cream retails for $150.00 for 1.7 oz.