Bionova Hand, Elbow & Knee Treatment Results: Before & After

Bionova Age Control Hand Knee Elbow Treatment 2

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My hands take a LOT of abuse. I do all of our yard work- gardening, mowing, weed-eating, cutting limbs, etc. Additionally, lifting weights also takes a toll, as does cooking. Needless to say, my hands seem to be aging quicker than the rest of me!

I didn’t think there was really anything that could be done, but Bionova is my hero again! I was ecstatic when they sent me their bn Science Hand, Elbow & Knee Treatment with UV Chromophores; you can read my initial overview here.

Bionova Age Control Hand Knee Elbow Treatment 4

The best thing about the Bionova Hand, Elbow & Knee Treatment is that it’s targeted to these specific areas. The skin is different here, and Bionova recognizes that, so the treatment is much more effective than ordinary lotions or creams.

All too often, hand creams that are effective can be really heavy or greasy, or worse- both. I was thoroughly impressed with the texture and consistency of the Bionova hand cream; it’s very smooth and rich, but not at all greasy or heavy. It’s also extremely concentrated and spreads easily, so a little bit goes a LONG way.

Again, this product does come in a jar, but it’s not dependent on antioxidants to be effective.  It looks really sleek and classy on my counter, too!  On top of looking great, Bionova’s products are produced to order, so you’re always getting the freshest formulas possible.

Jerry has some rough patches on his elbows, so he started using the Bionova cream, too. The skin has drastically improved- I can’t imagine the results he would get if he tried the version custom to his gender and age-I’m sure the results would be mind-blowing!

Overall, there hasn’t been enough time for a drastic difference in appearance, but there is definitely an improvement, especially in the wrinkles on my fingers. Although, despite the short time, there is a huge difference in how my hands feel. They are much softer and smoother, and I really like that the UV Chromophores are helping to prevent sun damage and cancer.  Please make sure that, due to the nature of the hypernatural ingredients, that you don’t mix Bionova with other brands.

Bionova Hand Before

Before using Bionova bn Science Hand, Elbow & Knee Treatment

As with all Bionova products, they work to improve the actual health of the skin, not just the appearance. So, the results will continue to get better and better with repeated use. Healthy skin = beautiful skin.

Bionova Hand After

After using Bionova Hand, Elbow & Knee Treatment for about two weeks.

Bionova bn Science Hand, Elbow & Knee Treatment is available at The cream is also available in the Impact and N1-Custom lines from Barney’s and Bionova.

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