Bionova Frown Wrinkle Treatment Results: Before & After

Bionova Frown Wrinkle Treatment 3

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After writing my overview of the Bionova Frown Wrinkle Treatment (found here), I got to experience actually using the product, and as always, I’m very pleased!

Now that I’m 40, I’m starting to see signs of “eleven” lines appearing on my forehead. Nooooooooo.!!!!! I had been getting Botox, but when I started this website, I stopped getting the injections because I wanted to be able to try out various skincare products and evaluate whether or not they actually did any good.

Bionova Frown Wrinkle Treatment 2

As mentioned in my other posts about Bionova, this cream does come in a jar. I feel the need to address this because inevitably someone always asks me about it since I don’t normally like this type of packaging. Bionova’s products are not dependent on antioxidants to be effective, so they are subject to the same degradation. Furthermore, their products are produced on demand, so this is the best method of packaging. Plus, it looks really sleek!

Bionova Frown Wrinkle Treatment 4

The Bionova Frown Wrinkle Treatment has the same trademark fresh, natural scent as their other products. This is a result of the bioactive ingredients, and it dissipates quickly. But, I swear, the smell really makes me happy and elevates my mood every time I use their products!

Bionova’s Frown Wrinkle Treatment is one of their creams that is targeted for a specific area. So, the nanocomplexes are precisely formulated to help reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and aging in the forehead skin. The treatment is used after the cleanser and activator, but before the Anti-Stress or N1-Custom cream.  It’s important to make sure you don’t mix this with other products as they can interfere with the hypernatural ingredients.

bionova elevens before 2

Before using Bionova Frown Wrinkle Treatment

Are my elevens completely gone? No, but they weren’t formed overnight, so it will take some time. But, there is definitely an improvement. The moisture level in my forehead area has increased, resulting in a more plumped appearance,  so there’s DEFINITELY a difference already. The best part? It does NOT make me greasy! Additionally, my skin feels a lot softer and smoother.

bionova elevens after

After using Bionova Frown Wrinkle Treatment for just over one week

I highly recommend the Bionova skincare regimen to anyone who not only wants beautiful skin, but healthy skin, too. The Frown Wrinkle Treatment is available from Bionova. Select products are also available at Barney’s and Dermstore.

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